SEO Services for Small Business Websites

Our SEO professionals have been providing SEO services for small business websites for over 20 years. Let’s use that experience on your website.

Set SEO Goals

When we determine the market you are targeting, we help you determine what goals you need to set for your SEO services. Goals that are attainable are goals we spend time on.

Keyword Research

After we have set goals for your website we review keywords that will help us reach those goals. Getting desired traffic to your site is imperative.

Competitor Analysis

To improve your ranks you need to get ahead of your competitors. We review your competitors’ websites and make your website more effective than theirs.

Content Modifications

Content is regularly reviewed. And content that can be improved is modified. Professional content modifications can help your small business website get more valuable rankings.

Rank Reports

We keep rank reports updated regularly to track the progress of our SEO services. Our SEO for small business websites uses monitoring services that are accurate.


Our SEO professionals provide SEO work for small businesses that need help getting visitors from the web. They have worked with a variety of businesses in a range of industries.

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Get More Business from SEO Services for Small Business Websites

Our SEO work includes website modifications in the way of structure and content. It also includes work on other sources, such as links from other websites, hosting services and content delivery tools.

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Bronze Plan

$600 per month

Choose 6 phrases and see where they rank. Our report keeps track of their ranks over time so you can see the progress being made with your ranks. We will track those phrases for desktop and mobile ranks.

Rank report for SEO for Small Business Websites

Silver Plan

$900 per month

We track up to 10 phrases and give you daily access to your rank report, plus everything in the bronze plan. This is our most popular plan for SEO services for small business websites.

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Gold Plan

$1200 per month

This plan allows you to track 14 phrases, get web analytics and get everything in the Silver Plan.

Web stats and rank reports

Platinum Plan

$3000 per month

You can track 18 phrases with this plan and get a competitor rank report, plus everything included in the Gold Plan

Last Chance?

Too many SEO companies work with businesses that are competing against each other. That is unethical. When you hire us we are devoted to you in your market.

Your only issue with that now is if your competitor has already using us, then we can’t work for you. Why? Because we are already devoted to putting their website ahead of yours.

Don’t make this the last chance you have to hire us.

Web Help

Website Design

We help modify your website. And if your site is poorly designed, we will help you redesign it to improve your search engine ranks.

Website Hosting

Some websites are hosted on poor hosting services. Slow speed and poor host locations can impact your website’s performance and your search engine ranks.


We help you set up web analytics and track the performance of your website. You can see the improvements in your web traffic over time.

If you have more questions for SEO for Small Business Websites, then please send them to us.

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We Look Forward To Hearing From You

Give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.




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SEO for Small Business Websites has been working with small businesses for over 20 years.