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Our search engine professionals specialize in SEO for small business websites. Small businesses can get an incredible return on their investment in SEO services. Effective ranks can bring a mass of visitors that can translate into a large number of customers.

SEO services include

Need a new website? Small Business Websites offers web design and management services for small businesses. They can build your website and we can do your SEO work. Once you have a quailty website we provide SEO for small business websites.

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The SEO staff is well trained and has over 20 years experience in search engine optimization (SEO). They have worked with a wide range of businesses and have increased the number of valued visitors that come to the site.


Our SEO Services include:

Rank Reports

Content Modifications

Page Editing

Analytics Reports

Site Layout Design

Site Links

Organic SEO for Google, Yahoo and Bing

At SEO for Small Business Websites we target Google, Yahoo and Bing. These are three of the most popular search engines. And our mission is the make you show up on the first page of the search results.

Studies show that pages behind the first page are not looked at very often. And that will influence the phrases we target with you. Through our Google, Bing and Yahoo experience, we will create and SEO program that will get you desired visitors, not ranks  on page two and three.

Features of Our SEO Services

Our SEO for small business website services include a range of features. Take note of the primary ones below.

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Responsive Site Design

The mobile version of your website is the most looked at. It should be your primary design concern.

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Keyword Analysis

Targeting effective keyword increased the return on your SEO investment. We help you determine what those are.

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Customized Content

The content on your website needs to be unique. Our services include the creation of custom content for your site.

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Clean Code

We monitor our SEO clients’ websites for problem code that can harm search engine ranks.

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Site Operation

Our services include the monitoring and updating of your website on the back end.

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Regular Updates

Good SEO services include regular updates to the content of your website.

SEO Packages

Economy SEO


Track up to 10 phrases

Choose a market area

Get a monthly rank report

Content modified monthly



Full Service SEO


Track up to 40 phrases.

Choose a market area.

Access to daily rank reports.

Track website traffic

Get website analytics reports

Get regular content modification recommendations

Get rank reports when requested.

Content modified weekly.




SEO Plus


Track up to 20 phrases

Choose a market area

Get a monthly rank report

Track website traffic

Get website modifications designed for SEO



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SEO for Small Business Websites

Providing SEO services to small businesses across the country.

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