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Small Business SEO Services Include Reports

As a part of our small business website SEO services we provide search engine rank reports that show the progress of your website in search engine rankings. This tool also gives an idea of what phrases are searched the most. We modify target phrases over time to make our SEO services more valuable.

SEO services include
Search engine rank report for a landscaping company

Using Search Engine Rank Reports

The search engine rank reports that we provide take target phrases and checks their ranks daily. I keeps a record and shows changes in ranks for one day, one week, 30 days, 90 days or since the start of the service. This allows you to keep up with the progress of your SEO services over the long term.

Specific Markets

The search engine rank reports allow you to track ranks in various markets. Target your ranks by a town name or a zip code. This allows you to determine if you are getting ranks in the local searches.

Different Search Engines

The report tracks your ranks through a range of search engines. Different search engines use different algorithms. And they will show different results.

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